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 User Description: However this does not mean that's the origin of tapas. It appears that tapas originated from an old custom of consuming little bites of food to keep cravings at bay. The funniest theory states whatever began when the king Alfonso X of Castile was recommended to drink a number of glasses of wine during the day but didn't wish to end up drunk currently at midday. There are other theories and legends: those bites of food served to conceal (tapar in Spanish means 'to cover, to hide') the impacts of alcohol; the tapa was used to cover the glass and avoid flies from leaping into the drink; and so on. Just select your preferred one! Please, do not. Specifically if the floor is tidy and no one else is doing it. So simply leave the napkin on the table. No If you are you looking for more about please click the next page stop by our internet site. .

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